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Year 6 took their maths learning outside to solve different reasoning challenges. These were linked to their WW2 learning and were developing their higher order thinking skills as part of their drive to be great scholars.


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It’s been 2 years since our last Christmas Fair and we are really excited to bring it back this year !! Let’s make it our best one yet !!


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We have a Bags2school collection on 22/9/21 - a letter will be sent out via EduLink with details


KS2 were invited to be Language Ambassadors today. They watched a presentation from Mrs Schenk and we are excited to see the hard work that will be on display in language learning this year and beyond.


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We would love to offer a diverse range of books for students. Can you help us to purchase some and build our library in the dept? Use to purchase straight from the fantastic and your donation will help build our collection


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Children taking part in the can read ANY 6 library books! Fiction, short stories, information books, picture books, comic books, and eBooks & eAudiobooks!


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A very special message from our Year 6 students as they celebrate their last year as primary students. ⛵️🦞🌊 Please click the link to view


Year 6 had a wonderful celebration today. Thank you to everyone who contributed to a memorable last day in primary school.


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On your marks get set go! Our Primary sports day is underway and we're having a blast...🏅🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️⭐


Thank you to for providing the children and staff with ice pops after a fantastic sports day.


Oxford Class were also developing their oracy and reasoning skills. They were working together to explain and prove different statements related to fluency facts and geometry. A lot of useful discussion.


Cambridge Class were reading their oracle bones this morning. Using their history learning, they developed their oracy skills to share their readings to display wonderful cross curricular learning.


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Mrs Rudd's Year 5 art class have been creating some stylish product designs based on their Grand Canyon project


These are just a handful of our dragons. .


Year 6 have had a D&T filled morning. They have been using their Shang Dynasty inspired designs to create their own dragon puppets. We can’t wait to share these with you.


A few more highlights from last weeks Egyptian Day in Y4! As you can see some incredible costumes! 🇪🇹⚱️🐈‍⬛


Year 1 are very excited to tell us about the match tonight!


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Our primary year group bubbles are enjoying a magical performance of Beauty and the Beast today, performed by our Year 6 students 🌹 📔


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Our Year 4 students have loved dressing up as Egyptians today and enjoyed bartering at the busy market stalls - don't you sphinx they look amazing?


You can’t ‘beetle’ this!


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Our year 7 pupils coaching our year 3’s in athletics club this morning✨ Great work girls!


Thank you to and for all your hard work with the children. They are having a great time!


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The school hall is ahum with the most glorious sounds as our Year 6 students rehearse for a very special production. We can't wait for you to 'be our guest!' In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of them hard at work... 🌹📖🎭🕯️


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It's puzzle of the week! This week we are releasing only the primary puzzle - our secondary students are working hard and keeping focused with end of year exams.


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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's our Year 1 students looking absolutely fabulous on superhero dress up day - but are they ready to take on the challenge of exploring fantasy stories? You bet they are! 🌟🦸🦹‍♀️💫


We also took this opportunity to focus on oracy. The children could explain their games, listen carefully and communicate effectively. They showed a great collaboration of ideas and enjoyed this project a lot!


More games from Year 6. Aren’t they brilliant?


Take a look at some of the fantastic games created by Year 6. In groups, they designed, constructed and evaluated their games. In addition to this, they produced rules so others can play them.


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you can now book a place at our next EVENT - Connecting creativity and technology in the classroom. 🗓️ 21st June 2021, 3:45pm-5:45pm Sign up for free:


To end the half term, three members of Y6 organised a year group Zumba session. It was carefully planned and everyone had a great time!


More entries from Year 5 showing off their extreme reading! 📖📚👍🏻


Y6 took on the challenge of performing ‘The cat in the hat’ by Dr. Seuss. They collaborated to learn parts of the story off by heart and created their own actions to accompany these. With the sun shining,they took their performances outside.


Year 4 have had a wonderful morning playing their own version of snakes and ladders 🐍🪜


Year 5 have been celebrating Book Week by showing off their extreme reading skills! 📖🤸🏼‍♀️⭐️🍳


Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 thoroughly enjoyed this today! 📖👣🔎


A huge well done to the Year 6 team who represented SRA at the festival of football this morning! A great effort shown by all. ⚽️


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This week students at SRA have been recognised for their resilience and continued hard work during the national lockdown each receiving an enamel badge together with a lovely message. Thanks for the surprise - we will wear our badges with pride.⭐️#thankyou


The Year 5 team for the Maths Challenge displayed such great teamwork and applied their maths skills superbly.


Our Year 5 Mathematicians are ready for the Year 5 Maths Challenge


“It was so exciting and fun. I loved travelling into space.”🌎🪐💫☄️Hannah and Eden- Year 5

Primary News and Year Group Information

17th September 2021

We have had a wonderful week in Primary and it was especially lovely to be able to have a whole school assembly in the hall after such a long time. Miss Leat did an assembly all about kindness and how being kind to others can make the world a very colourful place. Miss Schenk also spoke about the opportunity to be a language ambassador and would like to thank everyone for their applications. We were also visited by our local church, who spoke about the importance of caring for each other.


We love to promote reading in school and each week we celebrate children who have read at least 3 times at home by moving them up on the reading ladder. If by the end of the half-term, your child has reached the top of the ladder, they will receive a certificate. If your child then continues to read every week for the whole term, they will receive another certificate and be entered into a raffle, where they can win a book of their choice!

In order to promote the world of reading and practise their reading at home, we would appreciate your support. Reading with your child aloud and listening to them read for 5-10 minutes a day would enhance their reading ability and love of reading. All bug club logins will be handed out shortly and children will be allocated books for them to read, as well as guided reading books. Children will also be taking books home to suit their reading level from our Primary library.

We greatly appreciate your co-operation, help and ongoing support in promoting reading.

Miss Leat


As part of our new way of teaching spelling, each week your child will come home with a spelling bank of up to 18-20 words. These words will all follow the spelling rule being explored that week and allows children to practise how to apply that specific rule to a bank of vocabulary. Lots of different ways and examples of practising spellings will be uploaded onto class blogs/seesaw for children to access. All classes will have one dedicated spelling lesson a week, exploring the spelling rule and doing fun activities to learn the rule. On a Friday the children will have a spelling test on a selection of these words - up to 10 words.

Miss Leat

Allergy Awareness and Snacks

A gentle reminder that all packed lunches and snacks brought into school must be ‘Nut and Sesame Safe’. ‘Safe’ means it is not within the main ingredients.

Break time snacks need to be fruit or vegetables in order to promote health eating.

Football Trials Year 5 and 6

Trials for the year 5 and 6 boys and girls football teams will take place on Thursday 16th and 23rd September on the astro pitch after school 3:30 – 4:30pm

To take part in the trials they will need: Football boots, shin pads, football kit, water bottle.

Please pick up your child by the astro turf at 4:30pm. If they require to go to after school club, please let Mr Crockford or Mr Mead know.

It is expected that a squad of approximately 20 will be selected for the boys and approximately 10 for the girls. Announcement of selections will be made at a lunch time, the week beginning Monday 27th September.

We wish the best of luck to all.

Mr Crockford and Mr Mead


Year 6 children will be having their swimming lessons for Autumn term 1, followed by Year 5 in Autumn term 2. Class teachers will provide the date and time of swimming lessons.

Extra -Curricular Achievements

Jenson in Year 5 Imperial class, is a goalkeeper for St Albans City Rangers, as well as being captain for the team. Last weekend won players player and supporters’ player (voted by the parents) for the season before last and then players player again for the season just gone! This was his first football presentation and I know all of his friends and family are so proud of him, as are we!

Eddie in Year 5, Imperial Class, has been selected for the U10s St Albans Primary Schools Representative Football Squad for the District! Well done Eddie, we are all very proud of you and we look forward to hearing about more of your achievements.

Sebastian T in Year 2 Green Class, was made Player of the Day on Sunday at his Mega Kickers Football class for his hard work during the class and brilliant team work during the match. In the last few seconds of the game, he scored the winning goal for his team. Well done Sebastian, we are all so proud of you at Samuel Ryder!

We would love to celebrate any extra-curricular achievements that happen outside of school. If you would like to share an achievement please e-mail a picture and description to Miss Leat ( and we will ensure these are shared in assemblies and celebrated throughout primary.


Children are not permitted to play on any apparatus within the school grounds before or after the school day. It is essential that parents arrive and leave the school premises promptly at the start and end of the school day to ensure social distancing is maintained. We would like to thank you for your support with this.Have a lovely weekend,

Dates for the diary

Tuesday 21st September – Primary Individual School Photographs and Sibling Photos

Thursday 23rd September – Whole school photograph

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Shiraz

Stars of the Week



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