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The final Primary puzzle of the Week is here. What combinations can you find?


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Samuel Ryder Academy is looking to appoint a Teaching Assistant to support both the primary and secondary phase of the school. For more information and to apply, please visit


Year 6 have had a great few days putting all their planning and designing into action as they created their earthquake resistant structures. Thank you to Mr Roe and his team for supporting with providing resources.


The results for the 2nd primary puzzle of the week this week: 1st Place: Cambridge – 5 Dojos each 2nd Place: Imperial – 3 Dojos each 3rd Place: York Class – 1 Dojo each Can anyone at home solve it?


Year 4 have been looking at the water cycle as part of their ‘Mountains, Rivers and Coasts’ topic. They have created a brilliant 3D DT project to explain the process. 💧🌊🗻


A brilliant end to science week in Year 5- The Dunkin’ Biscuit Investigation! 🍪


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Does it float? Does it snap? As part of Science Week, Year 2 students are using their investigative skills to identify different types of plastic.


Fantastic maths on display in Year 2 today. The children enjoyed challenging themselves and also explaining their methods.


The children have loved the new circuits and are definitely making the most of them at every opportunity.


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Can you tell how much we love our fabulous new primary playground markings? Thank you to the wonderful Samuel Ryder PTA for funding this - what a fabulous welcome back!


It was ‘Smarties Maths’ with Miss Shirazi for the second Year 6 group yesterday. They were all smiles and enjoyed this ‘sweet’ lesson which applied their number, proportion, fraction, ratio and probability learning.


Year 6 made the most of the sunshine and took their learning outside. Using the skills they had been learning in home live sessions. They designed their own investigations and from these calculated different averages producing graphs to show their data.


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REMINDER. Our Primary School Virtual Parents' Evenings will be held on Tuesday 9th and Thursday 11th this week from 4pm. Please ensure you have read the guidance sent via Edulink on how to access the video system.


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Samuel Ryder Academy is looking to appoint a Learning Support Officer for Key Stage 1. Working with the Head of Inclusion, you will be a practitioner with high expectations of pupil achievement and progress. ➡️ For more information, please visit


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It's great to have our whole school community back together!


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Jayden. H yr3 Bath class decided his book recommendation was the cracker by Olaf Falafel who he loved meeting at school when he came to visit


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Our first review is in! 📕Thanks Benji L in Year 3 sharing your review of 's


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For Annabel T in Year 1 has shared her love of the the Oi books. Annabel has combined these books with her recent learning of rhyming. She looked through her and her sisters teddies to link them with the books. Well done Annabel!


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Thank you Jasmine W in Year 3 for sharing this version of Alice in Wonderland for . It's fantastic that you thought about the adjectives in this story. We think sticky icing sounds great too! 🐇🎩🚪


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For Andreis DP Year 1 looks fabulous dressed up and would like to share his favourite book 'The Cave' by Rob Hodgson with the SRA community. Thanks Andreis, we can't wait to hear all about this story when we return to school.🐛


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Addison (Year 3) and Cora (Reception) have taken flight to show us their fantastic window display of Zog and the Flying Doctors! 🐉 This looks great fun!


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Benji I in Year 2 has shared his amazing collection of Dog Man books by with us for . Thanks for the top tips with the flip-o-rama pictures, Benji, we'll be very careful with those pages!


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Please be aware that we have a scheduled INSET DAY tomorrow Friday 5th of March and the school will be closed to students with no remote learning taking place


Great job Seb! May the ‘reading’ force be with you!


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Our window displays look amazing! Let's start with this spectacular display from Daniel R in Reception of his favourite book 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' by


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Some more beautiful window displays from our students Alara Year 2, Jasmine W Year 3 and Sophie E Year 1. Thank you for sharing your favourite books with the SRA community!


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sees Alice from Wonderland come to our home 📚📚📚


Sounds a fantastic activity for everyone involved!


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Thank you Lily L in Reception for this lovely review. What a fun book to share! 🐟


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We had some great maths on display to solve this one! the solution for the primary puzzle is...


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Here is the solution to this week’s puzzle. A big thank you to Sumayyah Nasar from Y12 for setting this for us!


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Can our primary mathematicians solve the Primary Puzzle of the Week? We would love to see your working out! . Tweet your answers to


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Good morning Samuel Ryder Community. Please see our Maths Puzzle of the Week and Maths Puzzle of the Week. We look forward to seeing your answers (don't forget to show how you worked it out!) Tweet your answers to


We want to share this amazing piece of art work completed by Leyla in Year 5. we are sure you would love to see this! 👩‍🎨🎨


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A dance challenge set by Mrs Battersby this week- Can you name the different dance styles and famous dance films? Tweet us your answers‼️


Year 1 children enjoyed acting out ‘The 3 Billy Goats Gruff’. They read the story, made their own masks and then performed the story.


This looks like great fun! What an amazing structure you have made 🤩


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We are so proud of how the Samuel Ryder community has pulled together to make the start of this year a positive one despite the challenges we have faced together. Have a safe and restful half term break.

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Student Code of Conduct

We want Samuel Ryder Academy to be a happy and peaceful community in which to learn. Our Code of Conduct is designed to help students understand what we mean by this. It is not an exhaustive list of aspirations and things to avoid; instead it outlines key points so students have clear examples of what we expect from them.

Students have the right to:

  • learn without disruption
  • be free from bullying of any kind
  • feel safe
  • enjoy equal opportunities
  • exist within the school without fear of prejudice of any kind from any member of the community.

The school community will not tolerate:

  • bullying of any kind
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  • vandalism, graffiti, or litter
  • cruel or insensitive behaviour
  • possession of or dealing in drugs or alcohol
  • smoking cigarettes
  • misuse of solvents
  • any signs of disrespect from any member of the community
  • arriving late to school or to lessons
  • leaving the school without permission or missing lessons.

In our school we will try to:

  • respect ourselves
  • respect each other
  • do our best
  • act with honesty and responsibility
  • show ourselves in the best light
  • be polite and courteous
  • enjoy learning
  • participate in all aspects of school life.

We publish our Student Code of Conduct on our website and in students’ planners and refer to it in our rewards and behaviour management systems.


A very high standard of uniform is expected at all times throughout the school day and on the way to and from school.

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Our school meals are provided by Hertfordshire Catering.  In Hertfordshire we are extremely proud of our delicious meals and high quality ingredients which go into the food prepared.

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Samuel Ryder Academy uses a portal called EduLink One which provides a convenient and accessible solution for the school to communicate with parents on all aspects of school life and also allows parents to access all information about their child in one place.  

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Joining instructions using Microsoft Teams for virtual appointments

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Joining Microsoft Teams on a mobile device

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EduLink One

Samuel Ryder Academy uses a portal called EduLink One which provides a convenient and accessible solution for the school to communicate with parents on all aspects of school life and also allows parents to access all information about their child in one place.  


What Can EduLink One Do?

Some of the EduLink One features which parents may find useful are listed below:

  • Absence Reporting - Parents can easily report their child absent from school due to illness. They will also be notified via email if their child is absent from school.
  • Account Info - This screen will allow parents to see general information that we hold about their child.
  • Achievement - Will show parents any achievements awarded to their child.
  • Attendance - Parents will be able to view statutory attendance statistics for their child.
  • Behaviour - This will give parents access to the behaviour records for their child.
  • Calendar - This will be populated with upcoming events, parents’ evening dates and school holidays. If a dot is showing under a date, it means there are one or more events happening that day. Click the date to find out more information.
  • Catering – This screen links to ParentPay accounts, it will let parents know what their child has chosen to eat and the balance on their account.  
  • Contacts - This screen will show parents the contact information we hold on file for them.
  • Documents – In this section parents can find the annual school report for their child.
  • Exams - This will give parents information about any exams their child may be taking. An exam timetable as well as exam entries are displayed.
  • Forms – On occasion we will ask parents to complete reply slips through EduLink One, these are found in the forms section.
  • Homework - The homework screen allows parents to see all of the homework that has been set for their child. The screen also allows parents to swipe through to see homework that has been completed.
  • Messaging - We now communicate with parents via email and push notifications to the app. Parents will receive instant paperless communications into the EduLink One communicator tool as well as to their email inbox. Parents can also use EduLink One to contact their child’s teachers.
  • Timetable - This gives parents a view of their child’s current timetable and will be kept up to date with any changes of teachers, groups or rooms as they happen. 
  • Update Information – Parents can access and edit their contact details and their child’s information and consents, keeping the school up to date with any changes. (Note: This data can be accessed by any parent with Parental Responsibility and an EduLink One log-in).

Parents' Guide to EduLink One


How do I get a log-in for EduLink One?

Parents will have received their username via email from Samuel Ryder Academy.

If you have not received an email (please ensure your email address is up-to-date with the Academy Main Office) or would like to access EduLink One, please contact us at  SRA Technical Assistance

Is EduLink One secure?

All data within the EduLink One software is encrypted and secured using the most up-to-date TLS 1.2 secure encryption technology.

How can I access EduLink One?

EduLink One is a school information platform that can be accessed on any device – PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device – via the web browser or via the EduLink One app.

Once you have received your log in details, you can access the system by entering the school ID which is 'sra' as well as your username and password.

Links to EduLink One can be found as follows:

EduLink One Website

EduLink One is available from Google Play, Amazon App Store and the Apple App Store. Click on the icons below to access the relevant store.

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Helping your child

As a parent you can make an enormous difference to your child’s chances of success in school, at home and in their later life.  Working in partnership with your child’s school can help them to succeed.

We see the relationship between home and school as being extremely important in determining how successful a student is.  It is important that there is a shared philosophy and both parties are clear about what they can expect from each other.

A good partnership also involves transparency, honesty and clear channels of communication so that you are fully informed about your child’s learning and development.

There are a number of ways in which parents can become even more involved in their child’s education at Samuel Ryder Academy. Some of the formal opportunities are listed below but parents are encouraged to contact staff at the Academy at other times if they have any concerns or queries. 

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