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Some excellent news in difficult times. Congratulations to Mr Gauthier on his shortlisting for Headteacher of the Year!


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Can you guess these children's stories from the emojis? 📚 📖


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Home work this weekend is to write a poem or letter describing how you feel after exercise. Use the hashtag 😀 so I can find them and share some 🙏🏼


Well done! Have a great Easter!


What a lovely picture of some of the home-learning that went on today. What an end to the term, we hope everyone has a restful Easter break and remember to look after one another! 🌸🐰🐣🐥


The Nightingale Hospital needs your pictures! 🎨 # via


Woah... the battle is well and truly on!! Can we set any records?? Keep it up.


Apologies for children in Y3 and Y4 who weren’t originally able to see the challenges due to heavy site traffic the groups hadn’t synced completely. This is all rectified so go go go with your TTRS challenges. Any issues please feel free to email me. Miss Bacon.


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Parents, teachers and carers working to keep children amused and interested while we’re on lockdown might need a bit of magic, so I’m delighted to launch


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Stuck at home? Try our daily 5 Minute Creative Challenge: Collect some flat stones from your garden and make a stone tower – how tall can you build it without it falling down?


Primary children have designed their own rugby kit. Which do you prefer?


Everyone is having a great time with for the ‘Greatest Showman’ and that’s just the staff! The children are great at this.


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Reading time at Team Salter school. 💖📚💖 Text kindly donated by , we will be writing our book reviews once we are done.


Primary children were introduced to today. Everyone enjoyed creating a bookmark character.


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Team Elliott starting the day with a bit of PE


It has been so lovely seeing what all of you have been up to during your time at home. I love the tie-dye T-shirt’s that Jayden (Year 6) and his little sisters made! Keep sending all your lovely photos to your teachers! 🎨📚


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Art and maths project from visual maths


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Your daily creative idea. Great for building finger strength too!


Glad to help. What’s not to love about a bit of rivalry.


A bit of clay modelling with the children that are still coming to school! Everyone definitely enjoyed this activity!


Obviously if anyone else likes the look of the book. This is the first in the series. Give it a go. Let us know your opinions of it. Imperial Class were giggling a lot!


Calling Year 5 Imperial class. I know we didn’t get to finish our class book but luckily it is available for loan in the BorrowBox app from Hertfordshire libraries. You can borrow and listen for free if you are a member or sign up for free. Miss Bacon


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If you missed the announcement today, I shared an update on how much money we've raised so far from advertising on YouTube 😀 Thanks to you and everyone that has taken part and watched the workouts... we've together raised just over £80,000 for the NHS 🙏🏻


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Here’s today’s recommendation especially for our primary singers, Young Voices are doing some exciting online workshops/singing sessions, both live during the day and available on demand on YouTube- take a look for yourselves:


An update for the TT rock stars battle. The children just simply need to complete their times tables as they would normally any points that they accrue will then be added to their class as all children are allocated to their class. This will continue for two weeks


The students have already been allocated a battle so the more points they score the more it contributes to their class total. Good luck!


And the KS2 TTRS challenge has begun! Who will come out top in the battle of the year groups? Log in to your account and take part in the battle!


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Reading lists for all key stages. Might be helpful for anyone in need of reading inspiration! 📚


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A fun Maths challenge to get your mind working. It is not as simple as it seems!


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Wise words from Michael Morpurgo ❤️


Great news...if you are a member of Hertfordshire Liraries, you can borrow ebooks and eAudiobooks just by downloading the Borrow Box app. You are still able to join online with a unlimited temporary account.


Look at this Sister Act! Well done Arabella showing your french learning of the body parts. Great to see Lottie joint in too!


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Jolly hockey sticks! A bit of nostalgia for the whole family as a new series of Malory Towers is now available on iplayer. Perfect comfort tv and a great reminder to pick up those books again!


Well done to all the children who showed great mathematical understanding in our fun lesson this morning!


PE this morning with what a great start to a Tuesday morning!


A great resource! News articles designed for younger readers.


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Looking for new books to read over the coming weeks? Don't miss our list of the nation’s TOP 100 STORIES TO SHARE as voted for by you. This is the ultimate list of stories to share for all ages, to give children & teens ideas of what to discover next.


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Let’s all take a moment to thank our wonderful who are dealing with more than we can imagine. Show we appreciate the wonderful job they are doing & the vital role they continue to play in our society by sending a FREE card here


All set up and ready to go on Wednesday!


Well done. Hope there was a ‘spring in your step’ after that activity in the fresh air!

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Funding (2018/2019)

The government introduced Pupil Premium funding in April 2011 with the aim of narrowing the gap between the disadvantaged pupils and their peers. They believe that the Pupil Premium, which is in addition to the main school’s funding will address the current underlying inequalities between these cohort of students and their wealthier peers.

Number of pupils and Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) received:  
Total number of Pupils on roll 851
Total number of pupils 241
Total amount of PPG received £232,000



  • We ensure that learning and teaching opportunities meet the needs of all pupils
  • We ensure that the needs of all of learners are carefully assessed on a regular interval in particular the needs of socially disadvantaged pupils
  • We ensure that appropriate provision is in place for those students who belong to vulnerable groups
  • In making provision for socially disadvantaged students, we recognise that not all students who are socially disadvantaged are registered or qualify for free school meals
  • We use the Pupil Premium funding to support any student or group of students who the academy has identified as socially disadvantaged
  • The type of provision will depend on the identification of the need for the priority student or group of students. 

Pupil Premium Provision Map

  • LSA support received in class
  • Small intervention group work or 1 to 1 sessions within Inclusion
  • Participation in the social skills group
  • Small classes in core subjects
  • Access Arrangements
  • Support from external agencies (counselling, targeted youth services, TAF, Links support and outreach work etc.)
  • Attendance at clubs; sports and music etc.
  • School trips
  • Participation in paired reading
  • Literacy intervention
  • Free revision guides
  • Cooking ingredients
  • Free material for Art and Design and Technology lessons
  • Participation in the G&T enrichment days
  • Participation in the Cambridge Archaeological trip
  • Help with Transport costs

Transition from primary to secondary

Summer school, extended transition mornings, part funded residential trip

Basic School equipment / ICT equipment

Pupil Premium students receive IPads / IPods at a reduced rate

GCSE English and Maths revision days Year 11

The days are staffed and organised by staff at Samuel Ryder Academy

Revision Materials

All Year 9, 10 and 11 Pupil Premium students are given revision materials free of charge

Summer revision packs for these students to support their learning

Support for end of year school events

Pupil Premium funds are used to enable PP students to take part in the community celebration events of their time at Samuel Ryder Academy, .i.e. attend the school prom, go to Thorpe Park trip and buy the year book

Support for school trips

Trips are offered at a reduced rate for all PP students

Music Lessons

Music lessons, exam costs and sheet music are offered free for any PP student who wishes to participate

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) in class

Many PP students benefit from LSA support in the classroom to ensure they participate fully in lessons and supported to access the concepts covered in the lessons and to work independently.  In KS3 and 4 we double staff some core subjects with LSA’s to intensify support

Joint planning by the LSAs and teachers- identified LSAs attached to individual faculties

Small groups in Maths, Science and English

We organise smaller groups in KS3 and also in KS4 for Key subjects which supports the learning of some students


Students have access to a range of mentors in school: one of the Student Service Managers, a nominated member of staff, a member of the Leadership Team or through programmes such as the peer mentoring scheme

Food Ingredients

The ingredients can be purchased for PP students who take part in hospitality lessons.

Targeted to small cohorts within each year group or to individuals:

  • Literacy Interventions
  • Talking Partners - a targeted intervention to support the communication skills of the PP students
  • One to One reading / spelling / handwriting / numeracy intervention
  • Small group lessons in the Learning Zone

Access to enrichment days for MASt (More Able) students

Gifted and Talented PP students in year 9 are offered the opportunity to take part in the Cambridge Archaeological Dig, all expenses provided by the Academy.

Gifted and Talented and more able students in all year groups are given the opportunity to take part in enrichment days / trips.  All funding is provided by the Academy.

Behaviour for Learning

Like Skills group in year 7 and 8 to support the Pupil Premium students with their social and emotional aspects of their learning

Nurture Group in Primary to support the social skills

Seal and Resilience Groups in year 7 and 8 to support the emotional literacy

Mastering Memory and Fine Motor Skills

PP students who have difficulties with their short term working memory or their fine motor skills are supported using one to one specialised programmes

Learning Portraits

Through setting up the Learning Portraits all members of staff acquire an in depth understanding of the students and strategies to support them in their learning


Some students are supported through the counselling service to help them work through issues which impact on their readiness and capacity for learning

Library Materials for the most able and to support struggling readers

In year 7 and 8 the library has purchased additional materials to enable those struggling with or reluctant to read, engage more fully

Transportation Costs

Transport costs are covered to allow some Pupil Premium students and their parents / guardians to travel to and from school for evening meetings such as Parent’s Evening, Residential Trip ,Options Meeting or to help with visits to Universities etc

Data analysis

Regular analysis of data by the Head of Inclusion, all Heads of Faculties and Heads of Years to track, monitor and identify underachievement

Regular meetings to discuss provision and support


In house attendance improvement officer to support the families and the students

Regular meetings with both parents and students

Home visits

External agencies

Utilisation of external professionals to run sessions for students in Key Stage 4

Partnership with Links academy

Support from EP

Close liaison with family support workers



Intervention Strategies in English

The Learning Zone provides targeted literacy intervention for the identified students. The intervention is delivered by a team of experienced Learning Support Assistants, headed by a teacher who co-ordinates the provision. There are also six weekly programmes of one to one intervention, running three times a week for twenty minutes each session. The sessions are personalised according to the specific needs of the students. The impact of all provisions is monitored, using standardised assessment tools. The success of all intervention programmes is measured using the Sutton Trust Tool Kit Criteria as well as teacher assessment and examination results. The Academy offers small group teaching classes in English in year 7. 





Intervention strategies in Maths

The Learning Zone also offers small group intensive numeracy sessions. There are also one to one numeracy sessions offered throughout the year to target the specific needs of the learners.  The success of all intervention programmes is measured using the Sutton Trust Tool Kit Criteria as well as teacher assessment and examination results. The Academy offers small group teaching classes in English in year 7. 







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