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Year 6 Film Club began today and linked to our WW2 topic and English learning, we have been watching Carrie’s War based on the book by Nina Bawden


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We are thrilled to announce that our Headteacher, Matt Gauthier has been announced as a Silver Winner in this year’s Pearson National Teaching Awards for Headteacher of the Year in a Secondary School award category.


Fantastic news. Congratulations Mr Gauthier!


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St Albans headteacher wins national award


Year 5 enjoying our class text outside today. ‘Who Let The Gods Out’ is a definite hit! ☄️🌟💫💥📚


What a way to end the week! The children (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl Day. What a fantastic end to our full first week back. Thanks to Miss Leat for organising and to parents and carers for the wonderfully inventive costumes.


Smiles all round in Cambridge Class.


We wonder if this Wonka Bar has the GOLDEN TICKET??


This afternoon Year 5 made their very own lava lamps inspired by ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’! It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone🤩 🧪💊🌋#RoaldDahlDay


Year 5 having been creating their very own marvellous medicine 🧪🧫


Has anyone seen Mrs Schenk and Miss Harper? All we can find are these two!


Roald Dahl Day across Primary today. Some amazing outfits sharing well known characters from our favourite stories. The children have been so enthusiastic to share their learning.


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Roald Dahl day at today and absolutely loving the teacher effort, amazing!!


It was wonderful to welcome back the primary children today. The children were fantastic and got back into their routine and learning really quickly. So many smiling faces. Well done to everyone for such a great start!


Yummy!! 🍭🍬


Candy floss was a huge hit! Thank you to the PTA for the machine and also the sweets! 🍬🍭#schoolsoutforsummer


Year 6 had a fantastic afternoon making their very own ice cream in a bag! The toppings were a huge hit! 🍨🍬👩‍🍳👨‍🍳


Everyone had a great time!


Year 5 and 6 socially distanced sports day!! It has been a great success! 🎾🏅🎽🏃‍♀️🏃 A big thank you to Mr Mead and Mr Walker!


Thank you to for their much appreciated donation of ice lollies yesterday.


Can you recognise any of the primary team?


We were a few days behind, so today we did 300 kick ups. Day 6, 7 & 8! ⚽️


Well done to the amazing Summer for her brilliant 500 words on Black Lives Matter. She is through the first round! 🤩📚📝


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Thank you so much to everyone at SRA Primary for taking on the Kick Up Challenge to support Macmillan, it is amazing to see so many pupils involved, such superstars! Best wishes- Sarah💚


Day 4 & 5 - so 200 keepie uppies today! ⚽️


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A beautiful entry for this week’s from one of our very talented Primary TA’s, Jenna Harper! Jenna has painted a vase of artichokes for the ‘still life’ theme and we think they are truly stunning indeed! Wow!


Smartie Maths today in Year 6- this definitely went down a treat! 🔴🟣🔵🟢🟡🟠


Oxford B completing another 100 keepie uppies- Day 2.


Oxford group B have taken on the Macmillan challenge to complete 1000 keepie uppies. Today we have completed our first 100!


Year 1 Carnival Day has started well with a wave of colour and excitement.


A few more Year 5 freeze frames inspired by Charlotte’s Web. 🕷🕸🐷🐴🦆🐀


Year 5 produced some freeze frames from key parts of Charlotte’s Web.


Year 6 took English outside in the shade today. We have designed our very own swamp monsters inspired by fantastic beasts! 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️👹


Unbe-leaf-able effort.


St Andrews Class took the learning outside to sketch leaves.


Year 5 have had a fantastic start today. They have enjoyed seeing each other and being back at school. We have been so proud of their efforts and determination to get back to their learning


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Love these videos with grammar reminders


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Launching . Why not discuss “What is the greatest super power?” Be as creative as you can with your opinions. No need to comment. A weekly oracy challenge will happen every Tuesday


Primary Stars of the Week - 12th March 2020

Posted on 12/03/2020

Stars of the Week!


Red Class

Fatimah Khaliq - for trying really hard with her reading and writing, both in school and at home. Well done and keep it up!

Blue Class 

Phoebe Saunders - for writing her news independently. Excellent effort and keep up the good work. 

Year One

Orange Class

Archie Reynolds -  for his focus and hard work in phonics. Archie, you have tried so hard to remember all the digraphs you have learnt. Well done, we are very proud of you!

Purple Class 

Mikail Miah - for making a big effort with his learning, joining in more with class discussions and having a great learning attitude! Keep it up Mikail!

Year Two

Yellow Class

Noah Hassan - Mrs Hayes and Miss Harper are really proud that you are starting to complete more within a session. Keep it up Noahl!

Green Class

Matthew Yeremeyev- for working hard in maths and beginning to explain his understanding to others. Well done Sonny - Keep it up!

Year 3

York Class

Miles Hostein - for having a positive mindset towards all aspects of learning. Well done! Keep it up!

Bath Class

Eddie Bailey - for an amazing fantasy story about Dynamic Mr Dog. you included speech correctly punctuated with inverted commas and created super character descriptions. Keep it up!

Year 4

Durham Class

Cameron Paea - for always having an excellent attitude to all your learning. You are keen to take on a challenge and show that you care about your progress. Well done!

Warwick Class

Daniel Minnie - For showing a fantastic attitude to all your maths. Your Times Table Rockstar score is rapidly improving. you take on every challenge that will stretch you. Well done!

Year 5

St Andrews Class

James Hopkinson - For always working extremely hard and being an incredibly focused and conscientious member of the class.Well done!

Imperial Class

Lois Dubberley- Amazing focus during the Romeo and Juliet learning. You took your own learning and understanding and helped others. Well done!

Year 6

Karisma Barot - for always working extremely hard and being an incredibly focused and conscientious member of the class. Well done!

Oxford Class

Daniel Smith - Great contributions during the science visit. Great acting skills. Well done!

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