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Our primary students had great fun in the tag rugby tournament! Some amazing play✨


A fantastic effort! Well done to our Year 6 girls! 👏🏻🌟🏅


Miss Wallace has created this fabulous book recommendation display in the library in celebration of Black History Month. Why don’t you try some of these suggestions and enjoy some of these amazing stories!


Year 1 and 2 Eco Club created some fantastic bug hotels today. They wanted to provide a safe environment for the insects they have been learning about.


Some fantastic netball on display from Year 6 in their house games event today. Well done to everyone and thank you to some of our Year 7 students for supporting and umpiring.


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We are looking forward to launching our new lunch menu this month, with lots of exciting new ideas. Our first theme day is next week on Thursday 7th October and primary students will have the lunch option of making their own pizza and ice cream - yum yum!


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Our primary X country squad ready for their races this evening✨


Year 6 took their maths learning outside to solve different reasoning challenges. These were linked to their WW2 learning and were developing their higher order thinking skills as part of their drive to be great scholars.


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It’s been 2 years since our last Christmas Fair and we are really excited to bring it back this year !! Let’s make it our best one yet !!


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We have a Bags2school collection on 22/9/21 - a letter will be sent out via EduLink with details


KS2 were invited to be Language Ambassadors today. They watched a presentation from Mrs Schenk and we are excited to see the hard work that will be on display in language learning this year and beyond.


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We would love to offer a diverse range of books for students. Can you help us to purchase some and build our library in the dept? Use to purchase straight from the fantastic and your donation will help build our collection


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Children taking part in the can read ANY 6 library books! Fiction, short stories, information books, picture books, comic books, and eBooks & eAudiobooks!


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A very special message from our Year 6 students as they celebrate their last year as primary students. ⛵️🦞🌊 Please click the link to view


Year 6 had a wonderful celebration today. Thank you to everyone who contributed to a memorable last day in primary school.


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On your marks get set go! Our Primary sports day is underway and we're having a blast...🏅🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️⭐


Thank you to for providing the children and staff with ice pops after a fantastic sports day.


Oxford Class were also developing their oracy and reasoning skills. They were working together to explain and prove different statements related to fluency facts and geometry. A lot of useful discussion.


Cambridge Class were reading their oracle bones this morning. Using their history learning, they developed their oracy skills to share their readings to display wonderful cross curricular learning.


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Mrs Rudd's Year 5 art class have been creating some stylish product designs based on their Grand Canyon project


These are just a handful of our dragons. .


Year 6 have had a D&T filled morning. They have been using their Shang Dynasty inspired designs to create their own dragon puppets. We can’t wait to share these with you.


A few more highlights from last weeks Egyptian Day in Y4! As you can see some incredible costumes! 🇪🇹⚱️🐈‍⬛


Year 1 are very excited to tell us about the match tonight!


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Our primary year group bubbles are enjoying a magical performance of Beauty and the Beast today, performed by our Year 6 students 🌹 📔


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Our Year 4 students have loved dressing up as Egyptians today and enjoyed bartering at the busy market stalls - don't you sphinx they look amazing?


You can’t ‘beetle’ this!


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Our year 7 pupils coaching our year 3’s in athletics club this morning✨ Great work girls!


Thank you to and for all your hard work with the children. They are having a great time!


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The school hall is ahum with the most glorious sounds as our Year 6 students rehearse for a very special production. We can't wait for you to 'be our guest!' In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of them hard at work... 🌹📖🎭🕯️


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It's puzzle of the week! This week we are releasing only the primary puzzle - our secondary students are working hard and keeping focused with end of year exams.


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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's our Year 1 students looking absolutely fabulous on superhero dress up day - but are they ready to take on the challenge of exploring fantasy stories? You bet they are! 🌟🦸🦹‍♀️💫


We also took this opportunity to focus on oracy. The children could explain their games, listen carefully and communicate effectively. They showed a great collaboration of ideas and enjoyed this project a lot!


More games from Year 6. Aren’t they brilliant?


Take a look at some of the fantastic games created by Year 6. In groups, they designed, constructed and evaluated their games. In addition to this, they produced rules so others can play them.


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you can now book a place at our next EVENT - Connecting creativity and technology in the classroom. 🗓️ 21st June 2021, 3:45pm-5:45pm Sign up for free:


To end the half term, three members of Y6 organised a year group Zumba session. It was carefully planned and everyone had a great time!


More entries from Year 5 showing off their extreme reading! 📖📚👍🏻


Y6 took on the challenge of performing ‘The cat in the hat’ by Dr. Seuss. They collaborated to learn parts of the story off by heart and created their own actions to accompany these. With the sun shining,they took their performances outside.


Year 4 have had a wonderful morning playing their own version of snakes and ladders 🐍🪜


Behind the Scenes with our Drama Faculty

Posted on 20/11/2020

Autumn Term 2020

Year 7 have just just started working on 'Darkwood Manor' - which is a spooky Ghost Story, where the pupils will explore how to use their bodies in creating different objects and set (Total Body Theatre) whilst Storytelling. Students will eventually be in larger casts where they will create their own story but this time using lights, music and sound effects - to engage their audience further and draw them into a 'different world'.

Y7 3  Y7 2

Year 8 have just started working on how to create a believable 'character' on stage - through different actor based workshops. Within this scheme of work they must consider how to create a character profile based on a 'stereotype'. They will then start placing these characters within a dramatic situation and start exploring how to form 'on stage' relationships and how to stay 'in role' during a structured scene by effectively using their physicality, movement and voice. 

Year 9 and 10 this term have been exploring the practice and methodologies of the most famous and influential theatre practitioners such as Stanislavski, Boal, Brecht, Artaud, Berkoff and Frantic Assembly. By learning these different practical approaches to Theatre they are then encouraged to apply these to their own devised pieces - where they will more interesting and dynamic  for their audience to engage with.

Y10 3  Y10 2

Year 11 in preparation for their mock exams, for most of this term they have been focusing on theory and practice questions  - where in section A they have been studying the play DNA by Dennis Kelly and the National Theatres production of Frankenstein for section B.

In both sections of the exam students have to demonstrate not only a knowledge and understanding of both plays but how technical theatre, acting, and directing have been used to convey specific themes and intentions to a modern day audience. They have also been in their devising groups developing ideas using their selected stimulus - to start generating material for an 'original' performance which will eventually be filmed and sent off to the exam board.

MFL Week - during this week the Year 9 Drama group - rehearsed and performed some short scenes from the Film The Pianist by Ronald Harwood and the year 7's rehearsed and performed some scenes from the film Chocolat by Robert Nelson Jacobs. 

DY7  DY7 4 

Y7 MFL 2  Y7 MFL 1

Intervention - this has been extremely successful this term - on Tuesday after school the Year 10 GCSE class have been attending regularly and using the session to improve practical class performance work.

In addition to this the Year 11 GCSE class have been coming along to the studio every Monday Lunchtime - for extra support with their exam theory. We will also be offering additional time after school on Mondays and Fridays to support and rehearse their devising pieces.

Drama Clubs

Year 7 on Wednesday lunchtimes are just starting a project based on a modern adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood, exploring themes such as bullying and loyalty.

Year 8 on Thursday lunchtimes are just starting a project based on Sweeny Todd.

Year 9 on Wednesdays after school are developing their own piece of theatre based on the stimulus of a ‘Waste-ground’. The style of their piece is very abstract and styled, using the influences of Artaud, Boal and Brecht plus incorporating some Trestle Mask work.

As a department we are hoping to film these performances and share with parents towards the end of the Spring Term.

IMG 0359

Mr Mayhew and Miss Stowe in character for Year 7 Darkwood Manor 

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