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Happy Wednesday 🤩


A brilliant morning on the lake for some of our teams 🚣🏼‍♀️🛶


Ready for Day 3 and we are all still smiling ☺️ 🤩


We had a brilliant Day 2 at 🧗🤸🏼‍♀️🚣


Another brilliant afternoon at 🛞🐸🚣


Mr D showing off his paddle boarding skills 😂💦


Good morning! Day 2 has got off to a great start. Check out Addisons amazing headstand 🤸🏼‍♀️


Safe to say we have all had a fantastic day! Ready to jump feet first into tomorrow 🤩


Paddle Boarding was a wonderful afternoon treat in the sunshine ☀️


Tree Climbing was definitely a hit 🌳🧗


Arrived safe and sound at Avon Tyrrell. Off to lunch before our first activity.


We have arrived and started our activities for the afternoon! Everyone is smiling and raring to go! 😊🚀🗺️🐸🚣


And we are off! Year 6 are en route to . Lots of excited staff and children looking forward to a week of fun.


Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating today. May it be a time of joy and celebration for you all.


* DigiTech Live *We are delighted to announce the return of DigiTech Live!All adults within the teaching profession are welcome to join us at Samuel Ryder Academy on Tuesday 18th June, 4:30pm-5:30pm.Please book your free ticket here:


A fantastic morning as some of our Year 7 students led athletics-based activities for our Year 1 and 2 students. Students had a great time learning javelin, triple jump, and relay!


Our volunteers have been showing the next generation what lives in the in . children were the first of 200 from 5 schools in 2024 to learn more about their local . Big thanks to Laura from for organising the programme.


Year 4 Warwick also visited the River Ver this afternoon 🏞️ they loved hearing about the formation of the river and saw their learning of rivers really come to life 🤩


Year 4 Durham had a great morning exploring the River Ver, they loved finding out about the wildlife 🏞️


Operation EYFS garden makeover is underway. A huge thank you to all of the parents, staff and students who have joined us this afternoon 🎨🧑‍🎨👷🪴


Our Primary Eco representatives are having a wonderful day at the Sustainability Conference. We cannot wait to hear all about it and the work they have done when they return to school 🌱♻️


Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to St Luke’s Church this morning linking it to their RE learning. As always, a huge thank you to Alex and Chris. ⛪️✝️


I cannot tell you how INCREDIBLE is. Funny, engaging, warm, friendly. were enthralled… already at least 5 gutted students that didn’t buy a book and can’t borrow it in our library yet. If you get a chance, say yes to Cathy speaking at your school! 🪞✨


Some of our enjoying the resources for “the resources have sparked some interesting conversations” “they’ve really enjoyed it”


Red Class have loved beginning their learning about real life heroes and super heroes. We definitely have some budding nurses and doctors 🦸👩‍⚕️🩺


Regular physical activity can help students improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and reduce the risk of developing health conditions in later life.  At Samuel Ryder Academy, the school ethos has health and active lifestyles at its very heart. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is integral to us providing an education for life for all our students.

The extracurricular timetable at SRA aims to offer both breadth of choice and also to have a competitive edge to raise the standards of sport at the school.

For example, our Rugby clubs have had a hugely positive impact upon student engagement, seeing an increased number of pupils attending clubs this year. The club not only develops  students' physical fitness but has also had a positive impact upon their social health as well. Rugby has also helped break down gender stereotypes with the introduction of girls teams this year. The impact of this has seen girls from Year 7-10 training and competing against other schools in the district. Our Netball and Rugby sports tour has also helped to promote gender equality and to develop excellent relationships between male and female students within the Academy.

Our Going for Gold leadership programme is another example of how sport has developed student resilience and promotes independence. Students from Year 7 upwards are provided with opportunities to develop their leadership, officiating or reporting skills, through structured activities delivered by the PE department.

Our extracurricular programme also focuses on developing the core values of SRA.

All our clubs are fully inclusive, with the aim of raising student achievements, whether that is a complete beginner, learning the sport for the first time, or stretching our most able students to perform successfully against the best schools in the county and nationally.

The PE staff are all passionate practitioners who care hugely about offering as many opportunities as possible to the pupils at the academy, from EYFS through to Key Stage 5.  The students are taught through all activities the importance of respect, safety and fair play. Students regularly work with other year groups to share their knowledge and to help create role models for the younger community of the school to aspire towards.

Underpinning everything that is offered through the extra-curricular programme are the  school's high expectations for excellent standards. This could be in relation to ensuring students' appearance is of the highest standards, punctuality, training and matches.  Staff discuss with pupils the core values of sport and expect them to demonstrate these not only in PE lessons but across all aspects of their life at the academy. Our clubs are not only about producing excellent sportsmen and women, but also about developing outstanding individuals who will be able to contribute effectively to the local community.

We have representative sides who compete during both the school week and on Saturday mornings in the following sports: Rugby Union, Football, Basketball, Netball, Rounders, Athletics, Gymnastics, Dance, Cricket, Swimming and Cross Country.

Clubs and Recognition across the Academy

Here at Samuel Ryder Academy, every student has the opportunity to be recognised for their dedication, teamwork, passion and creativity by attending clubs regularly. Whatever their passion, there is a club for each student. These clubs normally run during their “typical” season and the timetable changes each term to reflect this. 

Students who demonstrate at least a year’s commitment will qualify to receive their “Recognition badge” for each club. If a student continues to contribute to a range of clubs, over a number years, then they can be nominated towards receiving “Half colours” and then “Full colours” towards the end of their time at SRA. The following categories are used for nomination:

  • Aesthetic/Creative Achievement (Art, Dance, Drama, Music)
  • Sporting Achievement
  • Service to the School
  • School Service in the Community
  • Wider Achievement (Awards, Qualifications, Representation)         


Extra Curricular PE Date  
PE Extra Curricular Timetable Summer Term 2023-2024 28th Mar 2024 Download
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