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Happy Wednesday 🤩


A brilliant morning on the lake for some of our teams 🚣🏼‍♀️🛶


Ready for Day 3 and we are all still smiling ☺️ 🤩


We had a brilliant Day 2 at 🧗🤸🏼‍♀️🚣


Another brilliant afternoon at 🛞🐸🚣


Mr D showing off his paddle boarding skills 😂💦


Good morning! Day 2 has got off to a great start. Check out Addisons amazing headstand 🤸🏼‍♀️


Safe to say we have all had a fantastic day! Ready to jump feet first into tomorrow 🤩


Paddle Boarding was a wonderful afternoon treat in the sunshine ☀️


Tree Climbing was definitely a hit 🌳🧗


Arrived safe and sound at Avon Tyrrell. Off to lunch before our first activity.


We have arrived and started our activities for the afternoon! Everyone is smiling and raring to go! 😊🚀🗺️🐸🚣


And we are off! Year 6 are en route to . Lots of excited staff and children looking forward to a week of fun.


Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating today. May it be a time of joy and celebration for you all.


* DigiTech Live *We are delighted to announce the return of DigiTech Live!All adults within the teaching profession are welcome to join us at Samuel Ryder Academy on Tuesday 18th June, 4:30pm-5:30pm.Please book your free ticket here:


A fantastic morning as some of our Year 7 students led athletics-based activities for our Year 1 and 2 students. Students had a great time learning javelin, triple jump, and relay!


Our volunteers have been showing the next generation what lives in the in . children were the first of 200 from 5 schools in 2024 to learn more about their local . Big thanks to Laura from for organising the programme.


Year 4 Warwick also visited the River Ver this afternoon 🏞️ they loved hearing about the formation of the river and saw their learning of rivers really come to life 🤩


Year 4 Durham had a great morning exploring the River Ver, they loved finding out about the wildlife 🏞️


Operation EYFS garden makeover is underway. A huge thank you to all of the parents, staff and students who have joined us this afternoon 🎨🧑‍🎨👷🪴


Our Primary Eco representatives are having a wonderful day at the Sustainability Conference. We cannot wait to hear all about it and the work they have done when they return to school 🌱♻️


Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to St Luke’s Church this morning linking it to their RE learning. As always, a huge thank you to Alex and Chris. ⛪️✝️


I cannot tell you how INCREDIBLE is. Funny, engaging, warm, friendly. were enthralled… already at least 5 gutted students that didn’t buy a book and can’t borrow it in our library yet. If you get a chance, say yes to Cathy speaking at your school! 🪞✨


Some of our enjoying the resources for “the resources have sparked some interesting conversations” “they’ve really enjoyed it”


Red Class have loved beginning their learning about real life heroes and super heroes. We definitely have some budding nurses and doctors 🦸👩‍⚕️🩺

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Samuel Ryder Academy is passionate about ensuring that all students are cared for and learn effectively in our supportive school community. We work in collaboration to enable our lines of communication to be student centred. In conjunction with students, parents/carers, governors and the wider community, we endeavour to make positive decisions that impact on student well-being and progress.

Behaviour is at the core of any pastoral system and Samuel Ryder Academy has both clear and high expectations for students to adhere to. The Consequence system for both the Primary and the Secondary phase can be downloaded on this page. Our behaviour system is focused on all students having the right to learn in a respectful environment; empowering students to build on positive attitudes and core values that will be long lasting skills required to be successful in their chosen next steps.

Positive reinforcement and rewarding students in accordance with our school values also underpins our pastoral system. We recognise students for their Achievement, Care and Excellence, in and out of lessons with a variety of rewards. Our reward system can be downloaded on this page and is used regularly to promote good decisions but also to highlight excellence encompassing our core school ACE values.

Our pastoral structure provides students with appropriate professionals in place to guide them and give advice with regards to specific needs. The role of the tutor plays an integral part of the pastoral system and all tutors will be directed by the Heads of Year.

We believe that our clear and consistent expectations support all of our school community to learn in a respectful environment, where they are cared for and gain justified recognition in line with our core values.

Primary Rewards

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